Young builds digital marketing strategies based on the human condition to reach the people you care about most. She can do these things for your business: Generate leads, drive growth, boost brand awareness, protect brand integrity, and build collaborative industry relationships.

She applies her knowledge in journalism/media, coding, and design to communicate across a wide spectrum of B2B/B2C networks. As a strong advocate for community-based projects, she has worked extensively in the nonprofit sector with organizations such as The American Slavery Project, Vera List Center, terraNOVA Collective, and the Youngish Professionals Committee. Originally Young is rooted in the entertainment industry and has collaborated with many local and national brands including Euphoria Festival, SXSW and Wolf Tree Film Festival, even being featured in Eventbrite’s: “6 Social Media Habits of Successful Festival Organizers.”



Austin Software / Social Media Director
SXSW / Official SXSW Photojournalist
Vera List Center / (The New School) Social Media Marketing Consultant
Darling & Company / Digital Marketing Strategist
terraNOVA Collective / Digital Marketing Strategist
The American Slavery Project / Digital Marketing Strategist
The Big Quiz Thing / Digital Marketing Strategist
Euphoria Festival
 / Director of Social Media Marketing
Bitpress / Social Media Specialist
Raver Rafting / Photojournalist/SEO Blogger
Wallflower Management / Internship with Tammy Theis & Brenda Gomez



2020 Featured as Technical Producer to Black Women and the BallotNew York Times
2019 Featured in official SXSW 2019 Music Festival Recap
2018 Featured in official SXSW 2018 Music Festival Recap
2016 Featured in Eventbrite’s 6 Social Media Habits of Successful Festival Organizers
2012 News Korea article in print and online
2012 Wallflower Management Doll’ Shoot
2012 Toni & Guy ‘Color Block’ Shoot
📚  EDUCATION   |  2009-2012 Art Institute of Dallas  |  Photography, A.A.
💬  CONTACT   ✉️  youngparkpr @  |  💻  LinkedIn

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